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Thursday November 1, 2018

Structure Your Novel

A novel is like a house. Without a basic structure, it will fall apart. All too often when writing, we fail to see this, causing our stories to lose shape and focus as they develop. In this class we will discuss classic novel structure, applying what we learn to our own works.

Through a combination of writing exercises, group discussion and instructor feedback, we will discover the internal dynamics of our novels to see where they're headed and what they might lack. From unstable ground situations to inciting incidents to points of attack, we will learn what it takes to set a story in motion and to keep it going until it's resolved. Once we’re done, each student will have not only an overall structure for their novel, they will have the perfect elevator pitch, the essence of their story that they can share with potential publishers and agents.

*Participants can submit a short synopsis of their novel or novel idea with the instructor in advance of the workshop, and with the class as a whole the day we meet. These should be no more than approximately 350 words. Synopsis can be emailed to for advance review, or brought to class.

Full Day:          Conference Attendees $80
General Public $125

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